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Interior design is the process of creating a beautiful, functional, and comfortable living or working space for the users. It is a fairly complex task that requires specialized knowledge and skills. The process of interior design and construction typically involves many different steps, from gathering information to design, material selection to construction. In this article, we will delve into each step of the interior design process.

Step 1: Meeting and discussing the client’s needs

The first step in the interior design process is to meet and discuss with the client to understand their needs and desires. TheANT will inquire about the client’s style, color preferences, materials, living space, usage requirements, and budget to create a design that maximally meets the client’s needs and desires.

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Step 2: Providing design solutions & ideas based on needs

At other companies, step 2 often involves surveying the existing conditions of the construction site, and then coming up with design ideas afterwards. However, at TheANT, the architectural team will conduct a survey of the pre-construction site when preparing for construction (step 5). Since most constructions nowadays have 2D layout drawings, TheANT will base their design ideas on them to present to the client.

TheANT will rely on the information exchanged with the client to provide the most suitable design solutions for the interior space. Ideas about space layout, color, materials, etc., will be tailored to meet the client’s requirements and budget.

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Step 3: Develop the 3D design according to the agreed idea

After agreeing on the design concept and solution with the client in step 2, step 3 in the interior design process is to develop a 3D design based on the agreed-upon concept.

In this step, the design team creates drawings and 3D models of the interior space. This allows the client to visualize the interior layout and functionality when completed. The client will provide feedback and evaluation for TheANT to make adjustments if necessary.

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Step 4: Detailed construction drawing implementation

After the customer has approved the 3D design in step 3, TheANT will proceed to develop detailed construction drawings to provide to the customer, contractors, and subcontractors.

The detailed construction drawings will include specific information about the layout, dimensions, materials, colors, and other design details. It will ensure that all technical aspects such as electrical, plumbing, and lighting systems are accurately calculated.

This drawing will be used as a basis to determine the necessary materials, calculate costs, and carry out packaging and installation of components in the interior space.

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Step 5: Measure and survey the current status before construction

After receiving the project, the construction team consisting of architects, project managers, and supervisors will conduct a survey to measure the dimensions of each space, each position, etc.

– Measure details, take photos of the actual architecture.

– Clearly discuss the design process and the design schedule for each item.

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Step 6: Simultaneous construction with interior furniture production

After having the detailed construction drawings and completing the site survey, the next step is to carry out the construction according to the planned schedule. During this process, the construction work will be carried out in parallel with the production of interior furniture at the factory to ensure quality and construction progress.

Production in the factory helps save time for on-site construction and minimizes risks during the construction process. Additionally, this practice will ensure that the project is completed on time and help reduce costs for customers.

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Step 7: Perform internal quality check before handover

In this step, TheANT will perform an acceptance test before handing over, including: interior acceptance test, detailed acceptance test of each construction item, acceptance test of electricity and water parts, and functional rooms. Then, the construction will be cleaned to ensure the progress of the next step.

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Step 8: Complete & handover

Here, TheANT will come to carry out the handover for the customer. At the same time, the customer will have to pay the remaining fee and receive the handover protocol, maintenance protocol, warranty protocol as well as terminate the contract. If there are any problems with the furniture in the construction, the customer can contact the company for warranty and repair.

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