What is Minimalism style ?

Phong cách minimalism là gì?
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Minimalism style is an interior design trend that is increasingly loved by many people because of the simplicity, sophistication and modernity that it brings. In this article, we will learn about the characteristics, advantages and disadvantages of Minimalism in interior design, as well as how to apply this style to your living space.

What is Minimalism style?

1. The term Minimalism

Minimalism originated in the Western art movement after World War II, which flourished between the 1960s and 1970s of the 20th century. Since then, the meaning of the word “minimalism” has expanded. Currently widely used in different fields: from fashion, music to interior design and architecture.

Phong cách minimalism là gì?
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2. Minimalism style in interior design

Minimalism or minimalism in interior design means arranging a room with as little furniture and details as possible. The main elements of this style are attention to shapes, colors and materials.

Dividing the space into rooms, furniture or glass partitions plays an important role. Modern minimalist interior design is based on sharp geometric shapes and asymmetry.

Features of Minimalism style

1. About the space “Less is More”

This is the way to say the main spirit of this design style. Overall minimalism here is understood as the transparency and absolute reduction in details.

Không gian less is more trong phong cách minimalism
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In the Minimalism style, the furniture will be as streamlined as possible, eliminating unnecessary things, so the cumbersome design objects are also minimized, instead of furniture. Smart, simple furniture, integrating many functions in 1 product.

2. About color

Minimalism style does not use many colors, usually only choosing one or two main colors and a few secondary colors to create accents.

Phong cách minimalism là gì?
Color of Minimalism style. Collected images

In which, neutral colors are often used as wall colors to create the perfect cushion for interior furniture. The gentle colors when combined with the minimalism of the lines, will make the Minimalism style more elegant and sophisticated.

3. About the light

Light is an important element in the Minimalism style, as it helps to create a bright and spacious space. This style favors the use of natural light through large windows or transparent materials. In addition, artificial light is also used to enhance illumination and create accents for the space.

Phong cách minimalism là gì?
Light in Minimalism style. Collected images

Make sure your room is well lit, but not too bright to help your room look airy and relaxing. The use of floor lamps, pendant lights, led lights or spotlights can make you feel comfortable with a minimalist room, just like the feeling of touching the decorative details as well as touching the main body. light source.

  1. About the interior

Minimalism style does not use a lot of furniture or decoration, but chooses furniture that has a minimalist design, function and efficiency. Most of the furniture of the style is inspired by European modern furniture with a simple design to create harmony with the minimalist interior design of the house.

Minimalist furniture must have subtle shapes and be wrapped in materials in neutral colors. Using shiny surfaces and straight lines will be very appropriate. Although, all the lines of the interior are simplified, but they are extremely delicate, enough to make your home space impressive and outstanding.

Pros and cons of the Minimalism style


– Bring elegance, modernity and personality to the space.

– Create a spacious, airy and clean space, bringing a sense of comfort and peace to users.

– Save construction and decoration time.

– Reduce investment costs.

– Suitable for small spaces that need a minimalist design.

– Reflects a minimalist, thrifty and environmentally conscious lifestyle.

– Enhances concentration and creativity.


– Can cause a feeling of boredom, coldness or lack of vibrancy if you do not know how to combine design elements.

– It can be difficult to choose and arrange furniture or decorations that match the style.

– May not be suitable for those who love richness, variety or color.

– May not be able to express the individual personality or preferences of the user without meaningful accents or decorations.

Minimalism style is not only a design style, it also shows the owner’s style clearly. Those who love neatness, cleanliness and sophistication will definitely not be able to ignore Minimalism.


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